Positive media attention can considerably increase visibility and added in markets like labour, consumer or business-to-business….

Financial stakeholders have more detailed information at their disposal than ever before through their own means of communication and reporting in the media….

In their life cycle companies are also confronted with periods in which they are experiencing difficulties. Hereby ..

We believe in the power of an integrated PR strategy. This means that communication is not only aimed at relevant media in print, online or radio…

About us


At home in every media area

Pressworks has been a specialist in providing national and international publicity for leading companies since 2008. Pressworks cooperates with editors of national daily and opinion magazines, radio and television programs and online media.

Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to realise interesting editorial opportunities with all leading Dutch media titles and abroad. For companies, Pressworks can act as its link to the media.


Through effective media attention we are able to structurally strengthen the position of companies on the labour market, its markets, the capital market, with existing and potential partners, the public opinion and other stakeholders. In addition, a positive image of the company also has beneficial effects on the company pride of employees and the extent to which they act as ambassadors.

We experience every day that important target groups such as consumers, investors, employees,  business customers and politicians can be positively influenced through targeted press campaigns. Fast, visible, with measurable results and at an attractive rate. An increasing number of organisations therefore see the importance of effective and pro-active interaction with the media.

For the past ten years, Pressworks has successfully assisted numerous leading companies in the areas of FMCG, financial services, IT and internet, manufacturing, retail, technology and business services.

"Fast, visible, with measurable results and at an attractive rate."